Miles Rausch

A writer for people and a writer for computers.


Hi, there. I'm Miles, a web developer from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

I'm a writer for people, and a writer for computers. I seemed destined to spend my time at a keyboard.

In my work time, I develop for both server (in CFML using the Lucee engine) and client (where I try to be unobtrusive, semantic and responsibly future-facing). At the same time, I've been having a flirty affair with Node.js and React. We're very much in love, although I'm not quite ready to commit.

In my personal time, I write short stories and novels. Fiction is as strong a passion for me as programming, and I have published in some online publications and some print magazines. So, I'm like a really legit writer who can write good and stuff.

I'm self-motivated and self-disciplined. My goal with every project is producing the best product for the end user. I try to achieve this by writing my own code, adhering to HTML standards and best practices, and constantly and tirelessly learning and growing my craft.

Also, I'm funny. (I mean, not so much right now, but usually.)